Hop in and See the All New Ram 3500 at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th

Among heavy-duty truck enthusiasts there are very few names discussed when the topic of the best heavy truck comes up. The Ram 3500 line is almost always in these discussions. A couple of key manufacturing tweaks and attention to detail make these trucks very sought after as work vehicles and daily drivers for folks who live far out in the country.

The engine in the gasoline version of the 3500 is spec'd out for around 150k miles, but it is not uncommon to see one go for almost 500k. The diesel engine is even more impressive- it is rated to hit up to 300k and there have been cases of a Cummins Diesel in the 3500 last for 1 million plus miles.

Hop in and See the All New Ram 3500. Visit our showroom in Denver, CO today!

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