Should You Let Your Car Idle?

Fall is here and before you know it will be cold outside. It feels really nice to "warm up" your car so that you're able to step inside a warm and toasty car, but should you be letting your car idle?

Experts now say it is no longer necessary to let your car warm up. They say in most cases idling for longer than 30 seconds is no longer needed and the best way to really get your car warm is to drive it. Your car gets zero miles per hour when it's in idle so you're just wasting gas. Idling isn't really necessary unless you're trying to defrost your windshield.

Idling your car for more than 30 seconds has a few negative effects. According to the Environmental Protection Agency idling for too long increases air pollution, wastes fuel and money, and causes excessive wear.

So save your gas and make your car last longer and don't idle!

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