Is the Ram Heavy Duty Truck Comfortable?"

The modern truck owner might live in the city and use it for highway driving. He might own a business or simply love the secure feeling, he gets when he drives his Ram truck. How comfortable is the Ram truck?

Start with a solid high-strength steel frame of 50,000 pounds per square inch and payload of 7,390 lbs. Then add a Ram Cummins diesel engine, delivering 900 lb-ft torque and you have a powerful machine. But, thankfully, Ram has added a comfortable ride too.

You can add the "Class Exclusive Auto Level Rear Air Suspension" option. The executive option includes HVAC bucket seats. You can heat them up or cool them down. Control your Ram cabin space.

If you love the "good life," then the “Laramie Longhorn” or "Laramie Limited" 100% leather option is perfect. Add SiriusXM Satellite to stay on top of worldly news. Yes, the Ram is comfortable.
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