Not Many Truck Designers Consider So Many Factors

I have clients who need to haul all types of work materials, from concrete to heavy wood and marble. Sometimes stuff just doesn’t get to the job site on time and workers have to transport it themselves just to get the job done.

In addition, they usually have other work to do that day. They don’t have time to waste hours on the loading and unloading of their pickup trucks. This is one of the reasons I always recommend the RAM 1500, or the RAM Heavy Duty.

That Entry/Exit Mode feature is a real time saver for a lot of people who find themselves doing more transport and delivery during the workweek than working. In addition, though finding yourself in your work truck for 90% of a day can be frustrating for some, at least the RAM has a comfortable interior. Most of our clients comment on the excellent leg and headroom, seat comfort, seat material and temperature comfort throughout the vehicle.
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