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There's a lot that helps your car or truck get around, but few components are as important as your tires. Tires have a direct impact on all sorts of performance parameters, from acceleration and handling to braking distance and fuel efficiency. Neglect your tires, and you could see diminished performance across the board.

Routine tire care is designed to keep the rubber on your vehicle in quality condition so that you can get the performance you need. We recommend adhering to these recommended services so that your tires last as long as possible.

Important Tire Care Tips

There are a few basic tire services that all drivers should consider for their vehicles. These simple services can help your tires perform better and last longer.

  • Tire rotations can evenly spread wear and tear to help the set as a whole last longer.
  • Wheel alignments ensure that your car is tracking straight and true, preventing excess tire wear in the process.
  • Checking and correcting tire pressure regularly can help you get the best performance possible.
  • If you encounter a small puncture, your technician may be able to patch it and get you back on the road. It's a more affordable alternative than buying a new tire.

Installing New Tires

Even with regular routine maintenance, your tires will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. When that time comes, you'll need to consider what kind of tires will fit your needs best.

  • All-season tires deliver versatility for a wide variety of conditions.
  • Winter tires are specially designed for sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Summer tires provide excellent grip in warmer weather, tending to attract avid driving enthusiasts.
  • All-terrain tires offer the grip and toughness you need for off-road use.

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